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PA Event Entry :: Poppers by KiittyDitty PA Event Entry :: Poppers by KiittyDitty

Watch out I now currently have a lot of freetime wow! I'll probably do a few more entries or so idk oops...
...I dont know if this needs a mature tag or not ???

N a m e

A p p e a r a n c e
    Flesh will be rotten and rank with blotches of sickly green fungus and pores etching into skin, omitting a foul odor that will alert any wise enough of their presence. Opening cracks will stretch across available tainted flesh and first leak blood, then puss, and eventually develop into fungus plumes. Eyes within sockets will decay with time and in place fungal life will grow inside the hollow holes. Mouth will likely split wide open, and start to crack along the nose ridge as well, opening up to blood and following above stated steps of development. Large plumes of fungus will grow from the back, chest, and soon erupt from mouth up on face and let off high amounts of spores into the surrounding air. Vines, if available, will remain intact and of high importance for their attacking purposes. 

B e h a v i o r
    Now lacking eyes their sense of catching movement and stray noises is heightened, thus one careful enough may sneak by(silently, soundlessly, light does not matter) undetected. They roam around quietly or tend to sit and fill up a room or area with their spores, coating the surrounding walls and wildlife with gross fungi, making their presence easily notable. Do not consume or come in constant contact with any object tainted. When provoked they will wrap their vines around the opposer, dragging them close and generally, popping into a fume of dangerous spores earning them their name. They may also just keep the opposer restrained to allow other zombies to enclose in.(This behavior is more likely by a Popper in the beginning stages of development) Those lacking vines will merely explode upon detecting any threat nearby. 
    The spores they let off are lethal in large intakes, as with every breath they fill up a living beings lungs until they suffocate. Grass types, upon death by intaking this, will be turned to a popper. It is impossible for them to bite once their mouth splits open, as their jaws no longer function properly. 

H o w . T o . K i l l 
    If at all possible, it is best to avoid being entangled with a popper, and recommended to sneak past opposed to initiating battle. Stabbing and shooting them is the worst option, as well developed poppers will explode instantly with such contact. The most safe method is to burn them using any fire based long range weapons. If one is daring, getting close and stabbing them via eye socket or mouth will be a nonexplosive kill, but, their spores will begin to leak rather rapidly. 

I n f e c t e d . S p e c i e s
    Any grass types, both feral(above) and anthropomorphic(a survivor) may be infected by a Popper-based death. 
slamer165 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*looks over the infected for a moment*

Analysis Complete.

Inspiration for infected: The Last of Us
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